Cyberpunk: Edgerunners did quite a few things that Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t do. The anime showed a better story, had a much better worldbuilding, and even gave us a more likable protagonist. The Netflix series showed a very good picture of Night City on the other hand, even though it was not quite satisfied with the launch difficulties.


While there were a lot of moments in the show that would have made great improvements to Cyberpunk 2077, players have found an amazing little trick that would have been fun to see in the anime. After a brief time, Rebecca became a fan-favourite, with her tiny size, large mouth and even bigger guns. One of them so big, I think! The kick-back can literally stop the fight.

SET: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners can’t escape the Games.

This secret feature which is probably a bug of that kind was first seen by Extreme_Lab1507 who posted it on Reddit (thanks, GameRant). The short clip shows the V who jumps into Dark Matter nightclub with a Guts gun. Just before hitting the ground, they’ve destroyed the weapon, and put them on the safe landing, without any damage. It can be theorized that the kick-back was the best thing saved the player, but it is unlikely that’s really the case.

How to take fall damage with the new gun Rebecca used from cyberpunk Edgerunners from cyberpunkgame.

As much as Rebecca is, we wouldn’t have seen that character at all. After reading a CD Project Red movie, the developer didn’t too keen on Rebecca’s character, especially because she was childlike. Neither CDPR nor the Studio Trigger used the gun to say “the loli must stay”.

“You are my best girl,” said the developer after an internal watch party for Edgerunners. But I’m a little sad to say it because I was one of the people of the creative team to effectively vote Rebecca out of the original cast in the preproduction.” The developer felt that Rebecca’s loli nature would stand out because Night City wasn’t full of characters. However, everybody’s happy with this decision now, except perhaps the NPC who got splattered in the above video.