Researchers at Backblaze, a cloud storage center, compared five years of experience with SSDs and HDDs and concluded that SSDs are more durable.

Computers with classic hard drives and modern solid state drives are installed in the Backblaze Data Center. They don’t overwrite data tables, but store logs, SMART statistics, and systems data non-stop.

Analysts noticed that, using that same condition, HDDs fail in the first year in less time, but then the percentage of problems augments in progress. Parallel to this, SSDs hold minimum positions throughout the entire application lifecycle.

The Backblaze report states that, even in the first year, SSDs are less often broken down, and in the second year they need to change about 1% of devices, and this trend continued throughout the last four years.

When original discs were used in the first year, they failed 0.66% already to be replaced, and when the failure rate was 3.55%, the loss was expected to reach 7% in another three years.

The data in five years may not be enough to determine a final reliability verdict. No matter how long a business is conducted in the center, only one month will get a product, even if no profit is not realized.