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Resident Evil Resistance Update 1.09 Patch Notes Revealed

Capcom has exhumed a decomposing batch of Resident Evil Resistance update 1.09 patch notes, which is now available to download for PS4, PC and Xbox One zombie slayers. Grab the latest Resident Evil Resistance patch notes below.

Resident Evil Resistance Update 1.09 Patch Notes

New features:


  • ・Added the new Uptown map.
  • ・Added the new Bemusement Park map.


  • ・Added 12 new equipment items for Survivors.
  • ・Added 13 new equipment items for the Mastermind.


  • ・Added 21 new Survivor skins (including 7 available for purchase).
  • ・Added 5 new Survivor gestures.
  • ・Added 15 new sprays.
  • ・Added 5 new creature skins.
  • ・Added 2 new zombie gestures.

Skill Cards

  • ・Added the Converter Mod – Creatures skill card.While in hand, using Creature Cards will lower the cost of this mod. Using this mod will add an Ivy card to your hand.
  • ・Added the Converter Mod – Traps skill card.While in hand, using Trap Cards will lower the cost of this mod. Using this mod will add a Teleportation Trap card to your hand.
  • ・Added the Converter Mod – Firearms skill card.While in hand, using Firearm Cards will lower the cost of this mod. Using this mod will add a Grenade Launcher card to your hand.

Adjustments and Fixes

Time Bonuses

  • ・Reduced the amount of time added to the timer when Survivors defeat zombie dogs.

System Changes

  • ・Adjusted the rules that determine Supply Zombie spawn location, making it less likely to spawn close to the Survivors’ locations.
  • ・Adjusted the items dropped by the Supply Zombie such that it can no longer drop multiple special weapons.
  • ・Changed some items granted to Survivors from the slot machine in the Casino map.
  • ・Added a guide message when Survivors are defeated near the exit to clarify the conditions needed for their revival.
  • ・Reduced the difficulty of daily missions overall.
  • ・Resolved an issue where the upper-left Bio Core in area 3 of the Abandoned Park could be attacked from the entrance using a Rocket Launcher or ATM-4.
  • ・Addressed an issue were the Signal Jammer’s effective range was not displayed on area 3 lifts.
  • ・Added the ability to check daily mission progress while waiting for matchmaking to complete.
  • ・Adjusted the formula for RP reward calculations when the Mastermind wins in area 1.
  • ・Resolved an issue where moving to the next area while a Survivor was incapacitated by Yateveo’s Devour ability could leave that Survivor unable to move in the following area.
  • ・Resolved an issue where Samuel could not complete the requirements for “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” with certain passive skill variants equipped.
  • ・Resolved an issue where sound would occasionally stop playing during extended gameplay sessions.


  • ・Adjusted maximum ranks for all Survivor characters, and changed skill unlock requirements such that all skill variants are obtained by rank 16.
  • ・Increased the amount of Ammo held at the start of the match for Valerie, Jan, Martin, Becca, and Jill.
  • ・Enabled the purchase of Ammo x 50 from the Armory in area 1.
  • ・Either MQ 11 or W-870 (determined at random) will be available in area 1.
  • ・Increased the base damage of the MUP.
  • ・Increased the base damage of the Matilda.
  • ・Increased the base damage of the Quickdraw Army.
  • ・Adjusted the hit detection for the W-870, making it less likely to deal extremely small amounts of damage when attacking creatures.
  • ・Adjusted the effects of the Batting Glove and High-Grade Ammo series equipment.
  • ・Adjusted the lines spoken by the Mastermind on the Survivors’ result screen in the event of a match ending due to the Mastermind disconnecting.


  • ・Adjusted maximum ranks for all Mastermind characters, and changed skill unlock requirements such that all skill variants are obtained by rank 15.
  • ・Adjusted ranks at which additional skill cards are unlocked such that all skill cards are obtained by rank 14.
  • ・When releasing control of a creature, there will now be a 5-second cooldown before that same creature can be controlled again. (Other creatures may be controlled immediately.)
  • ・Reduced the health of the Supply Zombie.
  • ・Reduced the amount of time it takes for zombie dogs to become mobile after being spawned.
  • ・Improved pathing for zombie dogs such that they should not repeatedly run into walls as often.
  • ・Turret – Rifle and Turret – High Caliber Rifle will now take time to reacquire targets after firing.
  • ・Reduced the base damage of Turret – Rifle, Turret – High Caliber Rifle, and Turret – Machine Gun.
  • ・Added a cooldown to the E.I.S. when turning off the lights.
  • ・The Imposter Zombie’s claw attack will now perform a three-hit combo.
  • ・Hits to Ivy will no longer increase its stagger value unless they strike its head or its buds.
  • ・Adjusted the amount by which Sturdy Materials, High-Tech Materials, and Steel Pressure Plate series equipment affects Martin’s trap disarm speed.
  • ・Reduced the maximum range of camera-mounted firearms.


  • ・Updated the description of Makeshift Mine’s “Signal Jammer” skill variant to include its 15-second duration.
  • ・Reduced the effects of Life Hacks’ “Bulletproof” skill variant.
  • ・To address the issue where flash effects did not always work correctly at certain low angles, Flash Baton will now emanate from the center of the character model for the purposes of hit detection.
  • ・Disarming traps with Martin’s fever skill and interacting with traps will now always award RP.
  • ・Reduced the base amount of time required to disarm traps. (Time require with the Nimble skill variant equipped remains unchanged.)


  • ・EMP effects are no longer disabled by Electromagnetic Shield.


  • ・Unlocking doors with Master Key will now always award RP.
  • ・The effect of Delta Force’s “Marksman” skill variant will now also apply to Bio Cores.


  • ・Increased the duration of the invincibility effect granted by Puppeteer’s “Invincible” skill variant.
  • ・The effects of Puppeteer’s “Invincible” skill variant are now removed immediately upon releasing control of a creature.
  • ・Reduced the time it takes for the Tyrant to become active when spawned.
  • ・Made it more difficult to accidentally end the Tyrant’s Bull Rush ability immediately after activation.
  • ・Increased the Tyrant’s movement speed.


  • ・Increased the base damage of the Machine Gun – Infection area 3 exclusive card.
  • ・Reduced the amount of time for which Yateveo cannot take new commands after performing Slime Shot.
  • ・Adjusted the effects of Residence of Evil’s “Mechanic” skill variant on Martin’s trap-disarming abilities.


  • ・Reduced the speed at which Disintegration Field is deployed when using the “Refract” skill variant.

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