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Returnal Will Use the PS5’s SSD to Allow for Instant Respawns

From the PS5’s 3D audio tech to the unique features of the DualSense controller, Housemarque has talked about how they are going to leverage various advantages provided by the PS5’s improved hardware with the upcoming Returnal. Another aspect of the PS5 that’s going to be a major boost for the game is its SSD.

As explained by the developers in the latest issue of the PlayStation Official Magazine (via GameSpot), thanks to the PS5’s SSD and the significantly faster loading that paves the way for, Returnal will let players respawn almost immediately after dying. Returnal is, of course, a roguelike title, which means players will be dying a lot, so that’s probably going to be a big deal.

Returnal’s game director Harry Krueger recently also spoke about how progression will be handled in the game, especially within its roguelike framework. Read more on that through here.

Returnal is out exclusively for the PS5 on March 19. Check out a gameplay trailer focusing on its combat through here.

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