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Revelation will not have IP-Block and other details that we discovered in their last interview

Recently the boys of the clan Eternal Gaming have had the opportunity to have some questions with fabien alexanderproducer at My.com of Revelation for North America and Europe.

Among the highlights of the interview is that We still don’t know the business model that Revelation will have. It seems that they are not yet ready to announce if it will be completely free-to-play, we will have to buy it or if it will have some type of subscription or not. We are therefore still waiting for them to make this big announcement.

The positive part for our readers from Latin America is that they have no plans to limit access to the server. So NOTHING from IP-Block, At least for the moment.

For the rest, it seems that My.com wants to get involved and intends to provide developers with all the information they can to bring the best gaming experience to the West.

As in the original version of the game the best objects will be those created by users. although it is not expected that it will be very easy to carry them out. And for the moment the game looks like it will come out with its 4 raids current. So quite content in that regard.

At the moment the only date we still have is the start of the betas in fall 2016. We will continue trying to bring you all the news of this long-awaited Chinese MMORPG.

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