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Richard Garriot talks about the population of Shroud of the Avatar

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Shroud of the Avatar head Richard Garriott has spoken with Eurogamer about various things. One of them the low population SOTA on Steam. According to steamchartsthe game in the last few hours has had over 230 users on Steam.

Regarding the population of Steam, Garriott comments that it is a small percentage of total players. “Most of our players play outside of Steam.” Garriott stated. “Currently we have several thousand players but we have not reached tens of thousands of monthly players. We would be very happy if we got several thousand active players a month, and we are working towards that goal.”

Richard also spoke with Eurogamer about the last layoffs that have affected part of the Portalarium staff. He attributes these layoffs to a restructuring and promises that with Episode 2 they will hire more staff again. He affirms that even though there are about 20 people working in Portalarium, they also have subcontracted employees.

The creator of Ultima also has words for his ill-fated marketing campaign. “We spent a lot of money on the advertising campaign in April, but no one from our office saw a single ad.” Garriott remembers. “Sadly we lost money by running the wrong campaign.”

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