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Rise of the Ronin Gets Support From Sony

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NiOh developers are working on their „most ambitious project yet.” Action RPG Rise of the Ronin will receive support from Sony.

Announced last week, the game Rise of the Ronin promises to be increasingly ambitious. Studio Team Ninja – responsible for NiOh – is collaborating with Sony on the project, among other reasons due to its size. Earlier it was confirmed that the studio had behind-the-scenes support from Sony, and now further details on the subject have been revealed.

Information on the closer cooperation was provided by Jason Stewart – Sony’s senior producer – on Twitter. He talks about the involvement of Sony’s Japanese team in the development of the game. The statement is confirmed by last week’s publication by Fumihiko Yasuda – director of Team Ninja – in which he assures that the game is “undoubtedly the studio’s most ambitious and challenging project.”

Rise of the Ronin is expected to be an action RPG with a TPP view and offer an extensive arcade combat system. The game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive and will come out in 2024.. It will also likely receive a PC version in the future.

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