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Robocraft: New content and 1.5 million registered users

robo craft You are in luck, what started as a small project between five friends to see how robots fought to the death has become a boom.

Today Robocraft can be played all over the world and the community has grown to 1.5 million users registered that is said soon, Steam is to blame for this. Robocraft is spreading like wildfire and the community is growing every day.

As announced by the proud developers in Freejam, are now focusing their efforts on bringing more content to the game as well as listening to the community so that the game continues to update on the right track. Proof of this is the last thing we have been able to see in the game: a new map, reduction of the damage of some weapons, new lobby, new distribution of the technological tree, new components for the kraft, repair of some bugs, etc.

Since Freejam thank all the players very effusively for the support received and they promise more and better content over time.

If you still don’t know what it’s about robo craft we leave you with the impressions of machine about the game:

Official Site | http://robocraftgame.com/


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