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Rocket League’s Voice Chat Has Returned, But Not Everyone Is Thrilled As It Comes With Concerns

Rocket League is once again rolling in with the return of voice chat. No longer will guesses and assumptions guide player’s teams. Instead strategic plays can now be executed properly with the use of team and party enabled voice chat.

Despite Rocket League offering a rather extensive explanation of their voice chat function. A rather important matter was not addressed, and that is toxic chatters. All video games with voice chat have their share of trolls, Valorant being one of many that has been known to be unkind to women. This then results in a heap of players who don’t say anything in fear of being ridiculed or mocked and can ruin the enjoyment behind a match.

Now, how will Rocket League, holding an E for everyone rating, go about keeping their younger audience safe from inappropriate vernacular?

Many of the comments on Rocket League’s Twitter also voiced these same concerns, along with concerns of bullying geared toward the trans and LGBTQIA+ community. While players can mute individual members to avoid hearing harmful comments and file “reports” of voice harassment, will that be enough to make Rocket League safe and accepting to all?

Some Twitter comments on Rocket League’s announcement brought up the idea of enhancing the report system, this way players can report toxic chatters in a manner that will hopefully monitor players. Others suggested Terms and Conditions that must be agreed upon before participating in voice chat, but that still doesn’t really change the fact that people will still be unruly if given the opportunity and the platform to do so despite checking a checkbox to Terms they most certainly did not read. Still, the concerns are still there to any and all that may feel othered in the Rocket League community. At this point, players can only hope that Rocket League will take proper measures as well as responsibility for how the community chooses to react and use the voice chat feature.

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