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Rumble Kong League Releases Game Design Document, Full Game Details

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Competitive play-to-earn basketball experience, Rumble Kong League has unveiled its game design document alongside full game details.

In recent times, Rumble Kong League is one of the top NFT collections gaining popularity among sports enthusiasts. Veteran NBA basketballers, including Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry and Los Angeles Clippers’ Paul Gorge, have worn Rumble Kong League’s merchandise. On several accounts, sneak peeks of the basketball game have been unveiled via screenshots, gameplay snippets and various marketing material. 

The Game Design Document (GDD)

The general public has been granted partial access to the Game Design Document by the team, supplying its community members with important information on the current state of the game’s development as well as future features of the game. The GDD is a document prepared by the game studios which contains detailed information about every game aspect ranging from the core game loop to all the mechanics and systems. The GDD will always be an ever-evolving, updating, changing, and iterating document throughout the game development process. Anyone can submit their feedback on the little part of the unveiled document.

The Kong AI and its responsiveness to player actions are among the most remarkable changes in the recent gameplay footage. According to the team, the Kong AI has been entirely revamped. The team has designed a 2D model which can be swiftly modified and changed. This implemented AI will permit the team to identify and timely address points of strengths and weaknesses quickly. Characters of the game will receive a boost starting from immediate effects like a temporal increase in run speed or fancy fireballs dunked from the 3-point-line. These game features will undergo internal testing within 4-6 weeks, and the Alpha version of the game will be rolled out later this year. 

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