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S2 Games fires part of its staff

With the open beta of strife The recently started company S2 Games has made public that it has fired part of its staff. We remember that Strife is a free MOBA that was born in the wake of Heroes of Newerth, it has a strong emphasis on cooperation between members of the same team and all its improvements are cosmetic.

From the company, after leaking these layoffs, it was issued a statement in which the news was confirmed but it was emphasized that these were not related to the fact that the launch of the beta was not meeting the objectives set or that the game was dying. They justify that these dismissals are due to mismanagement prior to this launch and specifically to an oversized workforce with about 80 employees compared to the 20 employees that made up the Heroes of Newerth workforce.

The truth is that the justifications do not ring very true and even less if we take into account Stife partnered with publishers such as Mail.ru (Russia), Asiasoft (Southeast Asia) and YY Inc (China) to expand the player community.

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