The Volition team promised a beastly update for Saints Row, and now gamers can finally download the very rich corrective patch.

The game takes place with the date 1.2 The Bright Future of Saints Row. It presents the beauty of oltre 200 fix, which was able to intervene on many aspects of production. As a example, we can talk about an improvement of the aiming and a new system vehicle management owned by our protagonist. There are also room for a more dynamic city and to review the system progress in each district of Santo Ileso. Finally, a lot of interventions strengthen the reboot’s stability, with particular attention being taken to cooperative mode.

Other than Saints Row, there are also important news for the author. In its latest financial report, Embracer Group announced a changing of the guard of the top of a flinch. The software company is discontinued due to its subsidiary Deep Silver, and instead is controlled by The Gearbox Entertainment Company. In communicating the news, Embracer Group stated that the commercial performance of Saints Row is in line with the expectation of the company’s executives.