With the Exos 2X18, Seagate has introduced a new HDD with dual-actor technology (Mach.2). The product portfolio is similar to the Exos X18 and doubles the transfer rates. In this regard, the hard drive is at least on the same level as a SSD.

Last year, Seagate introduced the Exos 2X14, the first-ever end product that will feature its proprietary Mach.2 technology, based on dual actuators. By acting independently, read and write heads make data transfer significantly faster than conventional HDDs. The Exos 2X18 in 3 inch format will come out soon.

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There’s a transfer rate up to 554 MB/s, and on the other hand SATA SSDs with capacities up to 18 TB are promised. The whole thing sounds very interesting, but it isn’t a product that is actually on the same page. Cutbacks should be accepted in terms of OPS and latencies. In the first point, the data sheet mentions 304/560. The latency is set to 4,16 ms. The difference between the two Y18 and the Exos X18 with dual actuators is the increase in IOPS (in 170/550) with double transfer rates. The power consumption owes an significant increase. The Exos X18 needs 5 o’clock at the same time as in use, while in use: 9.9 o’clock at the same time. The Exos 2X18 vs 8 watts/silicated and 13,5 watts/silicated.

The HDD is ultimately intended for enterprise customers. So the application area is data centers. According to Seagate, the Exos 2X18 works well for hyperscale, cloud computing, big data applications and data warehouses. Variants are offered with two logical units (per actuator) of 9 and 8 TB, optionally with SAS or SATA connection. The total capacity is therefore 16 and 18 TB. Helium is a filling tool.