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Sealed Super Mario 64 Copy Becomes The Most Expensive Video Game To Ever Be Sold At $1.56 Million

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A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 has recently been sold for an exorbitant amount of $1.56 million, making it the most expensive video game to ever be sold. The record was recently held by an NES cartridge of The Legend of Zelda at a whopping $870,000.

As reported by VGC, the game’s condition is touted to be as close to perfect as anyone could hope for. Video game grading company Wata graded the copy with a 9.8++ score, which of course, translates to perfect. Collectors items are known to be expensive, but this purchase seems to be incredibly so.

Super Mario 64 was an incredibly revolutionary game at the time, and is considered to this date one of the most polished and inventive 3D platforms almost 2 and a half decades since its release. Nintendo recently re-released the game for Nintendo Switch in the form of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which funnily enough was also a limited time release that will surely translate into a collectible of its own in the future.

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