The year 2022 is coming to an end, but just yesterday we were hyping our most anticipated games, most of which now sit in the rearview mirror. While 2023 will bring even more incredible experiences, we cannot move on until we see what this has been compared to last year’s best in gaming. From the tyre of games to the world of virtual sports, let’s go along the memory lane during the year 2022.

2022, year that made the cats humanity’s best friend a day.

Cats are no strangers to videogames, whether they eat up their games and take up their own heat or explore post-apokalyptic landscapes. In this year saw cats turn out in numerous titles, such as Annapurna and BlueTwelves Stray, a game about cat and cats which will help raise the world from a material-eating parasite. Recently released the feline-led feature of the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series. The highly anticipated collection of remade 2.5D side-scrolling classics reintroduced the world to its titular plucky protagonist.

Of course, cats helped the likes of Sonic Frontiers, Ghostwire Tokyo, and even Persona Five Royal. The great cult shopkeeper can’t wait for, Forneu from Cult of Lamb. Each of these titles gives players a cat companion in order to save the world. Whether its Big the Cat helping Sonic learn to fish, or Morgana learning the way of the Phantom Thief or Ghostwires Nekomata giving out side-missions, it looks like this cat has become human’s new best friend and sometimes as our would-be savior.

The year 2022 gave everyone the opportunity to play.

We saw the need to ensure inclusion and accessibility. Games like that of the routina and The Last of Us I included features that matched all the previous achievements of Santa Monica and Naughty Dogs in this area. These titles have various options like audio cues, cinematic audio descriptions, autoplatforming, navigational assistance, high contrast mode and more. Open-ended options allow the player to apply a different set of difficulties with all of the players, such as empowering his protagonist to sprint, heal or deploy his trusty Shielding skills. In addition, adjusting settings help to open games more people than ever to more players so that they can experience the most charming of this year’s greatest adventures.

2022, the year that pushed sports beyond reality.

Windjammers 2 released in January last year. In this truly real frisbee game, players have super-technical skills, nutty obstacles, and outlandish venue in a 1-on-1 sport with test results, wits and coordination.

The video released started a series of very good extreme sports titles that could exist only in the virtual world: OlliOlli World, a cartoony 2D skateboarding game that will take place in a world that looks like skate-loving god, Cursed to Golf, a roguelike golf game in purgatory that will fight with death itself, and Rollerdrome, a bloodsport that works with you with the feat of taking out a weapon while fighting robot enemies. If you ever thought sports were too restricted by reality then 2022 is your year.

The year we changed our battle royale arches, 2022, changed our battle royale weapons.

The battle royale genre continues unremarkable, but with new twists. The outrageous Fall Guys debut on PlayStation 5, but the rest of the games went on to shake up the classic royale formula. Deathverse: Let it die takes things towards the wackiest direction. That follow-up to the original Let it die is a complete zombie. Rumbleverse is a series of fighting game-bootballs, wrestling cliches and battle royale. There’s also Duty of Duty: Warzone 2.0, which makes it unique in the genre. The next time, the third circle is over the collapse of the entire line, with all three possible eutrophies resulting from the three and one-half sides and ending with the three. And who can forget to add more helicopters, boats and vehicles? Having tapped the power of Unreal Engine 5 helped Fortnite fight racial juggernauts make huge visual waves. If you didn’t know how to try this genre before, now is the time to try it.

2022, the year that allowed us to fight our fears with friends and friends.

2022 saw huge shaking in the horror genre. One cannot afford to confront fear in games anymore. This is now the perfect way to solve the problem quickly. Dead by Daylight continued this genre all year long after heading the new frontier and was embraced by several exciting additions.

I think the biggest thing is Evil Dead: The Game, which brings together all the characters of this subgenre that makes their lives so powerful and so strong. Character growth mechanics, a sense of scare and a sense of humor make up the experience of playing a single match like that. And the film franchise in which its set is undoubtedly the perfect place for all its highly competitive carnage to take place.

The classic Ghostbusters: Blood, Re: Verse of The Risen, has shown how different and unique entries in this changing genre can be. If you’re lucky, pick which taste you like the most. Want to buy the iconic Boomstick and chainsaw hand of Ash Williams? Do you want to cross the river and kick a ghost punch?

20, 22 – The year ‘Lands Between’ gave us a feeling.

Games have always offered a way to break down reality and move in another world, wishing to experience things we can only dream of. But what happens when these games allow us time to stop and smell roses within these realities? There are many large names in the year that make up this notion, most notably Elden Ring.

FromSoftwares latest thriller tossed us into the open world of The Lands Between – the ultimate attempt to reveal us everything we did for the past 15 years. Even as we have all the fighting, we took control of Torrent to get the whole world into the heart of the heart of the city. This down time gave many opportunities to reflect on the frightening journey through these lethal landscapes. Yes, death was inevitable around the corner, but this world enamors us with its beautiful countryside and stunning vistas. Even when a dragon came to burn you alive, it flambated you at least on an amazing backdrop of natural beauty!

We saw the freedom to roam represented all year long in games like Sonic Frontiers, Stray, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War: Ragnarok. Every incident occurs in an omnipotent, dangerous world that cannot be lost in. And even though you get past dangers that continually cross the route, there is always the opportunity to appreciate the beauty that is set in. What a welcome invitation to us is to appreciate the hard work and passion of the developers who created these magnificent worlds.

The year that the family reigned before his death 2022 was the year where he gave up the family.

The family ties were woven into many of the biggest games this year. Whether those ties were from blood, fate, or love, countless titles showed that no better way to tackle life than with those who will always be there with you. Just look at Amicia and Hugo from A Plague Tale: Requiem. The two siblings struggled impossible odds to support each other and reach their goals. If they were like another, they would not be the only ones who had a strong ability to be who they needed to become by the games emotional conclusion.

This dynamic has already made its way into other games this year. In 2022, the family proved easily one of the most powerful gaming equipment.

Did you see any other example of the 2022 gaming trends mentioned here?