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Shenmue 3’s third and final piece of paid DLC, The Big Merry Cruise, is out next week Expect “various types of entertainment”.

Shenmue 3 might have dragged its heels getting here, but you can barely hold back its paid DLC. We’ve had one fresh dollop a month in 2020, and that pattern continues next Tuesday, 17th March, when the game’s third – and final – DLC instalment arrives on PS4 and PC.

The Big Merry Cruise, as it’s known, follows on from January’s running-themed Battle Rally DLC and February’s narrative-based Story Quest Pack, and sees a cruise ship sailing into Niaowu’s harbour for mild action, mini-games, and, if Ryo’s lucky, sailors.

Those that hop aboard Shenmue’s new vessel can engage in “various types of entertainment”, according to the rather non-committal press release (although, judging by the accompanying photos, these will have a distinct casino flavour), as well DLC-exclusive challenge missions. It’s also possible to earn new outfits fro Ryo’s wardrobe by clearing certain ship mini-quests.

The Big Merry Cruise is included, along with Shenmue 3’s previous DLC offerings, in the appropriately titled Complete DLC Collection (which costs £11.99) or as part of the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition. It’ll also be available to buy separately via the Epic Games Store and PlayStation Store when it launches on PC and PS4 next Tuesday, 17th March.

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