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Skyforge improves its PvP with the Gods of War update

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My.com announced today that skyforge has received your pvp update. Called Gods of War this content patch arrives to change and improve PvP of the game. With this update the team wants to make the PvP experience more satisfying. Therefore, they have improved the rewards and eliminated many of the problems that plagued the PvP content of the game.

The most important point is the Honor. A new stat that comes with all the objects to boost our character’s life by up to 35%, as well as increase the damage by up to 20%. The more Honor you have, the easier it will be to kill your enemies and withstand their blows.

Along with this patch some daily Skyforge events have also been updated. Players will receive more rewards for participating in these events so they are now more attractive to do/complete.

Source | Press release – skyforge

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