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Smash Stars announces PvP Playtest

The PvP playtest for Smash Stars: Thunderdome, a 2D car brawler, will take place in the form of 2 sessions on November 25, with each one lasting an hour.

Flowstate Games, the developers of Smash Stars: Thunderdome, a free-to-play multiplayer 2D car brawler, have announced a PvP playtest for their Web3 title.

The playtest will take place on November 25 across two play sessions, with both sessions lasting an hour each. Session #1 will run from 7 to 8 AM GMT, while the second one will take place between 1 and 2 PM GMT. In order to take part in this playtest, you’ll have to register using the form linked in the tweet down below, which seems to only require inputting your Discord username. Doing so will give you a chance to be selected for this playtest as well as for any other PvP playtests in the future. More information for these 2 sessions will be revealed in the game’s official Discord server.

Smash Stars is a blockchain gaming franchise that will consist of various free-to-play, play-to-own cross-platform Web3 arcade titles. The first one that is currently available as a demo is called Smash Stars: Thunderdome. This demo gives players a taste of the full experience by letting you battle against AI using a variety of different armed vehicles, with the goal being to damage the vehicle’s driver while keeping your own away from harm. A match consists of 3 rounds – win 2 rounds to claim victory of the match. During this demo, which is labeled as the Alpha 1 phase, PvP will only be available via these playtests that will take place at certain times. Later on though, in Alpha 2, which is scheduled to launch for web browsers in Q1 2023, everyone will get to enjoy real-time, physics-based online PvP gameplay, coupled with the opportunity to play using premium, NFT vehicles. A mobile version is planned to come out at some point during the first half of 2023.

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