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Some details and new Sea of ​​Thieves gameplays

sea ​​of ​​thieves we were pleasantly surprised when we saw its first trailer at the last E3 fair. A multiplayer pirate game, where each member of our group could perform specific functions on the ship. We could face other crews and ships of other players while exploring and completing missions. An interesting approach that made us look at it.

Now little by little Rare is revealing new details and images of the game.

In this first video they tell us a little about what they want to achieve with the game. They want us to live an authentic pirate experience, sail, fight, drink and live the freedom and experience of authentic pirates. They also add that It will not be a particularly massive game. They want every encounter to be memorable, sometimes you’ll meet other ships, other times maybe none, and other times you’ll meet several at the same time.

In this other video the youtuber Arekkz gives us a summary of the Rare conference during the last Comic-con. We can see some new landscapes, islands, weather changes, ship customization, and some animations and characters.

We will keep an eye on this game which will be released in early 2017.


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