Until the Persona 3 Portable release, rumors suggest that it would be better if it was to remake the fan-favorite title. The main obstacle is to the morale of a forum on ResetEra. One user claims that Persona 3 is getting a remake even if the port is coming later this month.

The talk blew up after a message from Atlus discussed the upcoming release for 2023. The announcement from Atlus mentioned the remaster of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden just before beginning to show up new titles to be put under a spotlight. Fans then began to wonder if that meant a possible remake of Persona 3.

Users lolilolailo, who claims that the remake rumors are true, has previously leaked Persona information. If this is real, it could be able to develop Persona 5’s graphics and mechanics. In response to a user asking that the remake was actually real, lolilolailo simply responded with a call of it!

Rumor: Persona 3 Remake is apparently in development at Atlus according to a user who has already leaked Atlus news accurate. The remake looks like a “personalizae 5” character.https://t.co/eA90GE7nI pic.twitter.com/kckZQQqcpF is supposed to include those with persona 5 style graphics and gameplay.https://t.co/eA90GE7nI pic.twitter.com/eA90GE7nI pic.twitter.com/f.rs/fszQQqqqcpF.

Okami Games (@Okami13) January 2, 2023.

Although many consider this to be true, others say it isn’t probable. Persona 3 Portable is coming out on January 18th for Xbox One, X/S, PC and mobile, but they believe it’s too soon for any mention of a remake.

All this is only speculation at that time. Atlus hasn’t yet announced if a remake of Persona is under development. And now it’s not going to be a rumor. Fans of Atlus can hope that a true announcement will arrive soon. Even the truth is that, the remake may be an actual disaster.

The rumors surrounding the Remakes of Persona inspired another user to discuss the possibility of a Persona 2 remake. If everything disappears, I’ll see Persona 3 redone over Persona 2, but again it’s all up in the air.