Game News Sonics Dad Sent to Court!

Published on February 28, 2010 at 15:16.

After being launched into the world’s full end of the games in 1991, Sonic was born to rival Mario, and brought more nervous, more rebellious, and more adult gameplay. She’s still there 31 years later, and lots of projects are starting to begin. But one of her creators is in war.

Sonic is fine, his co-creator less less.

The second movie Worn by the Sonic Frontier sold over 2,5 million copies and the second film in which the blue hedgehog was a hit by theSEGAs, lasted for a great year in 2022. The new game from Sonic Team is set to begin a whole new series of adventures for Sonic, which means that SEGA already has more ideas.

Unfortunately, the license eww. Yuji Naka did not go well. No matter how much he was known as an easy person, he would’ve been fired from the SEGA after asking for a total wage increase. He opened his studio, before joining Square Enix, where he worked on the creation of Balan Wonderworld. The title was badly received, and the adventure would’ve stopped there.

Yuji Naka was arrested and now charged!

But on November 18, we learned that Yuji Naka, believed to have been arrested in Japan on suspicion of insider trading, a skepticism that has trouble distorting the price. In fact, the time since 2020, Square Enix plans on bringing the legendary dragon Quest saga to mobile devices.

Assassins of Taisuke Sazaki, an ex-Personal-Enix employee, who helped several series like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy and a certain Fumiaki Suzuki, he would have purchased for 28 million Yen of action in the Aiming studio ahead of the Dragon Quest mobile game announcement. Actions were taken prior to the announcement of the game, knowledge to full advantage of the facts. In particular Yuji Naka case, we were talking about 2.6 million yen of investment. The investigation continued and the things didn’t stop there and did not improve.

Once again arrested in December, he will have to face the charges in court. According to NHK and VGC, Yuji Naka was officially arrested and charged with intruder fraud at the Tokyo District Prosecutors’ Special Investigation Department. If they hadn’t known what Square Enix meant, either with Aiming for Dragon Quest or other mobile projects, they would never invest a total of 148,7 million yen without seeing how modern the city was. We’ll have to wait for the following few months until we know the final of the case.