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Sony Was Allegedly In Talks For Exclusive Deal For Bethesda’s Starfield Before Microsoft Purchase

Earlier today we got one of the biggest industry changing announcements in some time: Microsoft purchasing Bethesda in full. That purchase includes the full company, all of their studios and their wealth of IP. It’s unclear at this point what the future for the those IP are (whether they will be multiplatform or remain in the Microsoft ecosystem), but interestingly, before the sell one of those IPs were in the sights of the competition.

Commenting on Twitter, Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan alleged that the news was interesting for a lot of obvious reasons, but one of those was that Sony was apparently in talks with Bethesda just a few months ago about an exclusive deal for their fabled Starfield. If you don’t recall, Starfield is the name of a new sci-fi RPG that the company has been hyping for some time as their new big milestone IP.

It’s definitely interesting, because Sony had already snatched up timed exclusive deals for two other Bethesda titles, Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo, both of which were showcased at the PS5 reveal event in June. Between that and these potential talks about Starfield, it makes one amazed at how quickly a media landscape can change.

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