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Sorare reveals Tiebreaker Rule for Global Cup 2022

The tiebreaker rule for the free-to-play fantasy football event states that in the event of a tie on a Matchday or the Overall Leaderboards, which team ranks higher will be determined by points from each team’s top 3 bench players.

The developers of Sorare, known initially as a fantasy football blockchain title before expanding onto the MLB and NBA, have revealed the tiebreaker rule for this year’s Global Cup 2022.

The rule states that, in the event of there being teams with the same amount of points on a Matchday or the Overall Leaderboards, then who ranks higher will be decided by the “total number of points scored from each team’s top 3 bench players.” If that still keeps teams tied, or if “the Manager is not tied with any of the top 5,000 in a given Matchday,” then the player who simply submitted their team faster will be the one that ends up ranking higher.

The Sorare Global Cup 2022 is a free-to-play event being hosted alongside this year’s FIFA World Cup. Players, or Managers, get to create a squad of 8 players using 100 points, with 5 of them getting picked as starters for a Matchday while 3 sit on the bench. Before every knockout round, with the exception of the final, Managers will be able to collect 4 new players to add to their squad. After each Matchday, Managers have a chance of earning various rewards depending on their team’s performance, among which include signed jerseys, special edition cards and more. 

The competition includes 7 Matchdays, with Matchday #1 kicking off on November 20.

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