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Soulstone Survivors – Overlord Mode and Portals Explained

Soulstone Survivors has received Overlord Mode. In this guide you will learn more about it and the portals.

Soulstone Survivors is in early access, and this means that the developers are working on the game all the time and introducing regular changes to it. Patches bring not only improvements to the game’s technical condition, but also additional content. A recent update introduced Overlord Mode to the game. In this guide you will learn what it is.

Playing on normal mode, after defeating the first wave of enemies we will face a boss. After defeating it, the second wave will start and after it the second boss will start. In total, after defeating five of them in less than 13 minutes, 3 portals will open.. The blue one will lead to the exit, red one will redirect us to Overlord Mode, and the purple one to Endless Mode, which you can read about here.

Soulstone Survivors – Overlord Mode and portals.

Changes after the update

Before the update, you could see only two portals – red and blue.

After the update, a lot has changed and now the situation with portals looks as follows:

More about Soulstone Survivors can be found below.

  1. The red portal led to Endless mode
  2. The blue portal led to the exit.

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