Four years after the release of SpellForce III for PC, the mixture of roles and RTS is finally making its debut on consoles. Comparative to the PC, which ran only a few times after more than 20 patches, the experience is vastly bug-free from the beginning. The plot is focused on the fate of Eo’s fantasy kingdom, which is afflicted by an plague called Bloodburn. To get to the bottom of this mysterious plague, you become a slave to the role of Alrik Tahar, son of a hated magician. The story is entertaining and has a good sound, especially in German, but it can only take one or two hours to get to the end. At that point the new year’s time is due to extensive tutorials. You’ll have been able to internalize the basics of the controls.

Grimlore Games adapted that second into the modern controller. The result has not been so perfect as the RTS competitor Iron Harvest 1920, but it is comfortable and precise. Keyword RTS: If you don’t currently explore the beautiful scenarios or work your way through multiple-choice dialogues, liarous real-time battles are discussed in versus multiplayer against five online players. generals. When Reforced: Arena is free to play and your enemies will grow again as a game; while the Journey mode lets you travel for a free time with a custom hero to become stronger and stronger.