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Spin it with Word Wheel by POWGI on Xbox

Find something by Lightwood Games that has ‘… by POWGI’ attached and you should know what you’re in for – words, words, words. And some pretty cool, fairly awful, dad jokes. We’re not expecting anything different in Word Wheel by POWGI. If it is, we’re going to be disappointed. 

Lightwood Games have made a bit of a name for themselves in recent years, with all manner of word-based games that just happen to be able to tease the brain a little. There’s been – deep breath – Word Sudoku, One Word, Roundout, Crypto, Ladders, Mixups, Gaps, Alphaset, Flowers, Just a Phrase and Wordbreaker – and you can find our reviews of each by hitting up those bold links. 

Word Wheel by POWGI pretty much fits in nicely with everything that has gone before it. It plays out as a series of wheel puzzles that have been around since the dawn of time, as the player is left to hunt down as many words as they can by utulising the letters given to them. The catch is that the middle letter of the wheel must be used, but from there, you’re good to let the imagination flow. 

120 puzzles are in place here (yep, Lightwood rarely, if ever, skimp on their ratio of content to cash – and each one of those has the now iconic groan worthy dad joke attached to it. Honestly, after playing all ‘… by POWGI’ games, it’s the jokes that we now look forward to. Credit must go to those putting these at the fore of the action. 

Solo players will be well catered for in Word Wheel by POWGI, but this one also lets three others join the word teasing. If you’ve got the controllers, Word Wheel caters for four players, letting you solve puzzles as a team, or bring some competitive play into the equation as the race for most words is on. 

Fully optimised for the next-gen consoles of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Word Wheel for Xbox can be nabbed from the Xbox Store. It’s pretty cheap too. You’ll also find it on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Check out our full review of Word Wheel by POWGI on Xbox – we’ve been spending time working our way through the jokes. 

Game Description:

The classic word wheel puzzle goes digital! Find as many words as you can from the letters shown, always using the middle letter! There are 120 puzzles to solve and 120 groan-worthy jokes to reveal! Up to four can play! Connect extra controllers to solve the puzzle as a team, or see who can find the most words.

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