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Spiritfarer – Jackie and Daria Update Out on December 13th, Adds New Island and Spirits

Thunder Lotus Games has announced a release date for Spiritfarer’s newest free content update, which is also its biggest yet. Releasing on December 13th, it adds a new island and two new Spirits – Jackie and Daria – befriend. There’s also a new event, new boat buildings and resources, and much more to experience. Check it out below.

Spiritfarer originally released in August 2020 to strong critical acclaim. It’s received a number of updates ever since, adding new Spirits like Lily and Beverly along with new story content for Stella, quality of life improvements, and improved co-op. This is in additions to new buildings, recipes, collectibles and much more.

Having sold 500,000 units as of April 2021, it remains to be seen if Thunder Lotus will release any more content updates for Spiritfarer since Jackie and Daria is the last on its post-launch roadmap. Time will tell so stay tuned for more details. The game is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch.

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