In Splatoon 3 there are many types of progression, and weapon freshness is one of them. Players are able to look at their freshness of a specific weapon by highlighting it in the loadout menu and pressing ZL twice and a row of stars are on the menu. If you are the only one who is confused with the latest weapons in Splatoon 3, this guide helps to give an entire story of our life.

Three-Looping Weapon Freshness Explained.

Initially, the freshness of weapons is the total amount of ink that the player has applied to it. Even when fans ink the turf in the aft. 3s and aft. 4, the tanks sprayed the floor. When this gauge is full, the weapon will receive a star and an empty gauge will come. After that, players can try to get a new star, by filling that new bar, and the process repeats till the weapon reaches 5-star freshness.

The number of points needed to fill the freshness scale increases with each star receiving. In fact, this increase is significant; Splatoon 3 players should earn over 1 million points. It takes four to five stars. Without doubt, this is a big task in itself, requiring an extraordinarily large amount of turf, and fans must decide themselves if this reward is justified.

For the specific rewards that can be obtained for increasing the freshness of weapons, a Sheldon license is issued for people who cannot get new weapons from the Ammo Knights store. At 2, 3 or 4 stars, players will get weapon decals that can be applied to lockers in Splatoon 3. Finally, upgrading the weapons to 4 and 5-star freshness will earn fans badges that can be used to customize their Splashtags.

Finally, it’s worth noting that there is another tip of freshness, which comes with the player’s weapon. This freshness can be seen when picking a Turf War game in the lobby, and there is a bar, flag and name displayed in the building which is also displayed on the 3rd of the Splatoon equipped weapon icon. All this reflects the players’ performance, in the Turf War, and it’s definitely moving in the direction of victory.

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