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Splinterlands Reduces Staff Size by 45%

Despite the reduction in human resources, the team aims to provide the best value for its community.

Splinterlands’ Staff Lay-off

Splinterlands, one of the most played Play-to-Earn(P2E) games, laid off about 45% of its employees. This was in light of the current deterioration of the crypto market and worldwide recession. This layoff took place on the 17th of November, 2022. This is, however, not the first of its kind, as technology giants such as Amazon, Meta, and Twitter have had to lay off staff to reduce costs. 

The NFT-based strategy card game has clarified that they distanced themselves from the FTX Saga. They claimed they didn’t have funds in FTX or any at-risk exchanges or services. In addition, they did not have any debt or employed leverage of any manner with funds. This is to further state that the company’s funds and cryptocurrency holdings are essentially funds that would be utilized for their growth and financial stability. 

The company regretfully shared the terrible consequences of the declining markets and falling trends in the cryptocurrency market. This led to a significant reduction in their cryptocurrency holdings’ value and forced them to cut corners. In addition, the amount of revenue that could have been generated was also reduced due to the market downturn. As a result, they had to reduce about 45% of their team members to be on the safe side of this downturn and enable them to carry out the roadmap plans. 

Splinterlands’ Future Plans

Splinterland is completely devoted to its community and is willing to put in a 100% capability to serve them well despite the smaller workforce. The company has highlighted that no new games or pre-sales would be available for the foreseeable future. 

The company has prioritized working on its updated roadmap for 2023. The roadmap contains items such as LAND, Runi, Tower Defense, Rebellion, SPS validator Nodes, New player experience, Gameplay & Reward Updates, DEC & Voucher Sinks, and Genesis League: Goals. 

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