We recently told you that Square Enix was willing to support blockchain games and to concentrate on the sale of NFTs. As the new year dawned, the company spoke again about its interest in such products and how they are about to change for the better.

In a letter that discussed the plans for the new year, the President Yosuke Matsuda explained to the public that the plan to support a product on the blockchain doesn’t change one iota and that, contrary to the reality, there’s certainty that 2023 could be the best year for these projects. According to the words of a president of Square Enix, the recent events involving cryptocurrencies (like the bankruptcy of FTX last November) are the perfect pretext for establishing a new regulatory framework that will positively affect the NFT, blockchain e cryptocurrencies.

Matsuda said that the initial enthusiasm for the technology has come out, but now users are increasing the importance of metaverse and NFT, the fact that products that exploit the blockchain can be made more easily among gamers and beyond. According to the company’s chairman, it’s not an issue, so it’s not easy to think about that i’ve got one in the past. The next time we get a video game coming from these technologies, too.

Did you know that Sonics dad has been formally accused of inside trading against Square Enix?