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Square Enix will publish Boundless, the game of exploration and construction of worlds

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Square Enix allies with the developer studio Wonderstruck to help them with the publication and promotion of Boundless. This is a minecraft style world building and exploration game. Boundless offers us a single universe of interconnected worlds shared by all players where we can explore, travel, collect or build.

Boundless has been in development for a few years now and early access on Steam and they plan to officially release it during this 2018. With the arrival of version 1.0 the game will restart and all players they start from 0. It may be a good time to venture out to explore these worlds.

We recently chose Boundless as one of the 8 quite promising new MMOs that you probably didn’t know about. Now with the help of Square Enix, surely many more people are beginning to learn about this project.

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