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Star Atlas announces the 426LIVE:NYK event

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The second major release event for Star Atlas will mark the launch of the pre-alpha demo version of the Showroom and will be livestreamed on Twitch on September 29 at 1 PM EDT.

Developer ATMTA, Inc. has announced its second major release event for Star Atlas called 426LIVE:NYK (Now You Know).

Unlike previously held events on their official Discord server, this launch event is set to be livestreamed on the game’s official Twitch channel and will include “live and prerecorded segments.” To be hosted on September 29 at 1 PM EDT, a key part that will mark this product event will be the release of a pre-alpha demo version of the Showroom, giving the community the “first look at the immersive triple-A gaming environment in Unreal Engine 5 with cinematic graphics.” According to the Medium announcement post, it seems that not everyone may be able to access the Showroom, as the Showroom is currently labeled as an “authorized access only” location. The developers will provide more info on how to gain entry during the actual event, while more details on the event itself will be given before the start of the event.

The first product event took place on July 21 this year and was titled 426LIVE: IYKYK (If You Know You Know). It included a variety of different announcements, such as the Star Atlas DAO, StarPath referral program and a revamped Galactic Marketplace.

Star Atlas is a sci-fi metaverse on the Solana network in which 3 factions will be able to battle for control of star systems in a browser-based gameplay module titled SCREAM.

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