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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Found; Fans Advise What to Do With Playable Copy

What to do with a playable copy of a canceled Star Wars game, discovered among childhood treasures? One Reddit user asked such question concerning Star Wars: Battlefront III. She did not predict that it will cause a storm on the web.

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What to do with a fully playable copy of a never-released game? Such a dilemma was faced by Reddit user MissFeepit, whose fiancé has perhaps the world’s only existing copy of Star Wars: Battlefront III, intended for testing on the PSP. No, this is not a continuation of the games released by EA DICE in recent years, but a new game from the original series by Free Radical.

As she explains in a thread on Reddit, a relative of her fiancé had LucasArts as a client and was therefore testing “many titles” developed at the studio. Including Battlefront 3, and after the game was canceled, all items related to it were to go to Skywalker Ranch – George Lucas’ headquarters in California.

Lost Skywalker treasure

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 – what next for the cartridge?

Recall: according to interview from 2012 Star Wars: Battlefront III was practically ready for release. The game was just waiting for the final touches and could hit the market. That, however, did not happen.

MissFeepit and her fiancé reportedly didn’t quite know what to do with this find and how much it was worth. So they started a thread on Reddit with photos attached – and the response exceeded their expectations. At the time of publishing this post, the topic has over 26,000 likes.

Some are focusing on the legal aspect of the case. Especially in the context of the popular idea to make a ROM image of Star Wars: Battlefield III and upload it to the web. Many users on Reddit applauded the idea, but some felt it would get the pair in a lot of trouble.

The same goes for the idea of selling the cartridge (which formally can be considered stolen property of LucasArts, which also means Disney). In fact, some people have argued that just starting the topic on Reddit by MissFeepit is asking for trouble.

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