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Steam Improvement Refreshes Rankings of Most Popular Games

Steam has refreshed the Statistics tab. It now provided better organized information on, among other things, the best-selling games or the most played titles.

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Statistics page on Steam has been revamped. The refreshed form shows information such as the number of players in real time, the ranking of bestsellers or the games that are most frequently launched by the community.

You can find the statistics section at this link or you can go to it directly through the Store tab. It’s safe to say that Steam has basically brought on board what SteamDB has offered so far.

Steam full of novelties

Other stats on Steam

Weekly listings of the best-selling games are also available, going all the way back to 2005, when there were only three games on Steam: Counter Strike, Counter Strike: Source and Half Life. In addition, Steam has released summaries of the biggest launches of the month.

In addition to information related to games, the statistics page will still provide the results of the hardware surveys. There is a lot of information, including those related to the most popular GPUs, CPUs or RAM. There are also shortcuts to the page related to the effectiveness of the technical support and network traffic map.

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