Epic Games Publishing and developer Minakata Dynamics announced RAILGADE for Switch and PC (Epic Games Store). It will be out next fall.

This game is in a picture, via Epic Games’s store.


RAILGRADE is a unified action about the use of rails to transport resources and power in a world-wide colony. How you’re responsible, help the reconstruction of the industrial production after the collapse of the infrastructure.

Construire a complex railway network and use the power of trains to connect vital industries with the resources they need. Monitor input and output for production success. Combine strategic decision making with creative construction to build a prosperous industrial colony. If you can succeed, you can only impress your corporate overlords enough to get home to the earth.

Key Features

  • Use easy construction tools to build and manage a busy railway network packed with trains.
  • Work to improve supply chains by connecting industrial sources and placing dozens of busy trains on the map.
  • Customize your trains with a different engine and cargo type, with hundreds of unique engine and cargo combinations.
  • Optimize your train setting-up and move track strategically to navigate harsh environmental situations and create the most effective route.
  • Control the flow of resource production by managing inputs and outputs with great attention. Watch out for the huge bottlenecks so that trains and their precious cargo can stay in contact.
  • Invest in your city’s growth or use zeppelins to obtain income from trade.
  • Admire your fleet of trains by watching the cinema.
  • In addition to helping build an industrial colony, improve the economy by one player with 50 missions.
  • Spend tokens that were awarded by each mission and use them to unlock new industries, upgrades and options.
  • Go-in with bonus-second missions. Explore deserts, sifting for oil.
  • Show off your railway equipment with a photo mode that includes a variety of filters and visual options.

Watch the trailer below.

Announce Trailer