Yesterdays Street Fighter 6 reveals it wasn’t about to end, and today, Capcom had more to share about the next fighting game.

First of all, we look at the opening video of World Tour mode, which is certainly interesting.

Livestreaming from Tokyo Game Show showed more of World Tour mode, which includes all that was expected for the extensive character customization.

We also look at the game and look at Ken, E. Honda, Dhalsim, and Blanka, four newly acquired returning characters.

You can check everything in the video below.

Street Fighter 6 will hit Xbox One in 2023, PS5, PS4, X|S, and PC. It’s wasteassed in Februaryand apparently revealed in June.

We’ve seen the launch of Guileat Summer Game Fest, followed by Kimberly and Juris, on top of their faces.

We also had seven music reveals for the game, as soon as a few months ago Capcom published the official music video, not on the sidelines, followed by the themes for Chun-Li and new-ish character Luke, the theme for Ryu, the music created for Jamie, the theme for Guile, and the music for Juri.