Konami announced Super Bomberman R 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam). It will be launched in 2023.

This is a game overview.


Konami is taking the party game experience new level with a new Battle Mode: Castle, which enables players to create their own bases, defend its own enemies and share their creation with the world.


The story of the eight Bomberman Brothers and their new friends, the Ellons!

The universe again shows an imminent threat! Does the eight bomber brothers and their new friends, the Ellons, let the universe recover and keep the peace? Details about the action-packed new single-player story mode will be revealed at a later date.


  • Castle – Battle modes of Battle: Recommend asymmetric battles of one-versus-15 in a new battle mode! A defending player is tasked with creating the map and creating defensive traps to slow down the attacking players, who will try outplay the defensive roadblocks. After the attacks, the opponents will use the new character types called Ellons to defend their players.
  • Level Editor (Creation Mode) Players will have different terrain options, wall placements and defensive gimmicks at their disposal to create new stages. Players share their unique levels and other players online.
  • Other modes Super Bomberman R 2, such as Standard Battle Mode, Battle 64 and Grand Prix, also bring popular Super Bomberman R Battle Mode.

Watch the video below. Look at the first screenshot in the gallery. Visit the official website here: English, Japanese.

Announce Trailer