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Surviving Mars Update 1.29 Fixes Crashing Bugs, Adds Turkish Translations

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Haemimont Games has unleashed the Surviving Mars update 1.29 patch notes for PS4 and PS5, which comes with a number of bug fixes as well as the addition of Turkish translations. You can check out the full list of Surviving Mars patch notes below.

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-The in-game bug reporting tool has been removed in favour of an automatic system

-PlayStation 4 and 5 now have Turkish translations

Bug Fixes

-Fixed the game crash after loading a save game with invalidated drones.

-Fixed the game crash when a player selects the Rock Formation object on an old retail save.

-Fixed missing Terraforming tech tree in the old saves.

-Fixed the “Advanced Martian Engines” tech adding 20 fuel to Cargo Rockets.

-Fixed the “Transport Optimization” tech not adding extra cargo space.

-Fixed the description of the “Banner” mentioning Mars while on an asteroid map.

-Fixed the Cave of Wonders description.

-Fixed the Lander rocket disappearing when the “Rough Touchdown” event occurs.

-Improved feedback when the Asteroid Lander requires maintenance.

-Fixed ramps being instantly built.

-Fixed the progress bar of “Required Waste Rock” not changing while flattening.

-Fixed the problem when a fired worker immediately returns to work.

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