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SWTOR’s 7.1.1 Update Comes In Fall 2022: Debuts Galactic Seasons 3, Outfitter Features, Class Balance Changes, And More

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BioWare announced on Twitter recently that Star Wars: The Old Republic’s 7.1.1 update is coming in Fall 2022. The patch will debut Galactic Seasons 3, new features for Outfitter, class balance changes, conquest objectives, and more.

Details on the Galactic Seasons 3 will become available later, but the devs shared that “this upcoming season is Galactic Gaming themed.” Also, the Outfitter will soon let players name and favorite specific in-game outfits. The patch will return the Feast of Prosperity Event with new rewards, conquest objectives for the Manaan Daily Area, and class balance changes. Players can read more into the class changes coming, such as healer balance and various quality-of-life improvements on the 7.1.1 balance post since there’s no PTS phase for this update.

Bioware has noted feedback on the R-4 bosses from the player base and will make adjustments in the upcoming patch. IP-CPT’s health on Veteran will get nerfed for a less demanding DPS check, damage from Nihrot will no longer be reflectable, and difficulty adjustments to the Overgrown Hallways in Story Mode are a few examples. The devs are open to additional feedback since the changes focused on regular reports sent to them. They advise also sending details on your gear used during the battle encounters.

At the end of the announcement, the devs reveal making the Collector’s Edition vendor a reality in-game after years of player demand. Purchasing an access pass from the Cartel Market and consuming the item unlocks the ability to speak to the unique vendor. Moreover, it grants access to the VIP area where the vendor is and spreads account-wide. Exclusive items players can expect to gain from the vendor are five pieces of the Imperial Trooper armor set, seven companion customizations, and three pets.

For more details, check out the SWTOR website.

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