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Take 2 Strikes Again? GTA 4: Definitive Edition Taken Down

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The creators of a huge fan project for GTA 4, called Definitive Edition, have had to remove it completely from the web. Most likely, Take-Two, owner of Rockstar Games, had its hand in this (again).

Grand Theft Auto IV is already years old, and yet it still gathers a crowd of fans and modders. A group of the latter have been working for some time on a huge project called the Definitive Edition. The project encompasses packages of mods for most Rockstar games (among others. GTA: San Andreas, GTA: The Trilogy or Bully), which primarily refresh the graphics of the originals and fix many bugs. Unfortunately, recently the creators received an anonymous DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) violation notice, causing them to have to remove modifications to GTA 4.

So far, only this one game has been brought to their attention, but it is feared that a similar fate will soon befall the rest of the titles included in the project. Scared gamers are already downloading all the modifications, just to be safe, so that in the event of the worst, they can be “secretly” distributed over the network.

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