Game:Tron 2.0: Killer AppPublisher:Buena VistaDeveloper:Digital EclipseGenre-Action-AdventureTested for:GBA Available for:GBAUSK:Released in:2 / 2005

In contrast to Xbox One, you really are on the handheld with the name Star Tron. Many times you can crawl through isometric action-adventure sections, crack a computer in clever puzzles and go into hostile programs. Aside from that, you take part in the obligatory light cycle races or climb through 3D sections in the tank or recognizer the latter work perfectly for the whole, but technically inferior to the bitmap areas. Retro fans will also feel pleased with conversions from the early 80s to the two arcade machines.

Killer App turns out to be non-major, but definitely entertaining action-themed, with lots of variety and high quality cinematic atmosphere. The fans are undoubtedly well served.

Combined, act based with film, these are two pieces of the same name.

single player75MultiplayerChartSound