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Techland Community Manager Quashes Microsoft Acquisition Rumours

Microsoft’s flurry of major acquisition of studios over the last couple of years – and the fact that they’re still looking to add more teams to their first party portfolio – speculation and rumours about more acquisitions have been abundant. For some time now, rumours have persisted that they’re shopping around for a studio in Poland, and as such, Techland – who’re currently at work on Dying Light 2 – have been linked with them quite often.

That rumour recently resurfaced once again, but just as it started gathering team, the community manager at Techland went ahead and quashed it. Taking to Twitter, the developer acknowledged the rumours, but said that Techland still remains independent and hasn’t been acquired by anyone. So there you have it- as things stand right now, Techland doesn’t seem to be in the running for Microsoft’s next acquisition.

Meanwhile, Dying Light 2 is currently in the works for Xbox Series X/S,PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Though it has no set release date right now, Techland has promised that it’ll be sharing news on the game soon. Read more on that through here.

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