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Temtem, a Pokemon-style MMO with a Spanish accent, completes a successful Kickstarter campaign

Item Item is an MMO game that has recently successfully completed its funding campaign in kickstarter. TemTem was looking for a goal of $70,000 and they managed to raise over half a million dollars of more than 11,000 interested players. TemTem is created by the Crema studio, a video game development company based in Madrid.

Tetem is a massive multiplayer creature collection adventure. In other words, a kind of Pokémon-style MMO where we will travel the world in search of creatures to capture, train and with which we can fight and duel.

We will have 6 different islands to explore in a campaign that we can play in cooperative and where we can collect TemTems from 12 different types. Each type of TemTem has advantages and disadvantages against the other type. The World of TemTem is a massive multiplayer where we will see other players in search of adventures and we will be able to search for battles with them.

The game will launch in early access on september 2019.

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