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Tencent Is Planning On Buying More Shares In Ubisoft, But Things Aren’t Nearly As “Hostile” As A Few Years Ago

It’s been some time since Tencent helped Ubisoft stave off a corporate takeover by their previous overlord Vivendi – about four years, in fact. When this happened, Tencent – along with others – bought a portion of Vivendi’s shares in the Assassin’s Creed developer, becoming what Ubisoft referred to as a “long-term” investor.

Now, it seems, Tencent is picking up where they left off. According to a report on Reuters, the company has offered to purchase more shares in the company, increasing its current 5% stake. How much they’d like to buy isn’t clear, but they are reportedly looking to purchase shares from public shareholders who own about 80% of the company. They’re even reportedly offering quite a bit more than what the shares are currently valued at today. The report states that they may offer as much as $101.84 per share, 127% of the current $44.81 general value.

The report also states that Tencent has been in discussions with the Guillemot family so things don’t seem to be nearly as hostile as they were just a few years ago. Also different this time around is a willingness to listen to offers to be bought as reported earlier this year.

With a slew of games delayed or cancelled outright, Ubisoft has put all of its 2022 eggs in the Skull and Bones and Mario Rabbids bucket, so the selling time may be right now.

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