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TERA EU announces the merger of servers for this month

Gameforge announced this afternoon that the European version of TERA is going to merge its servers soon. The chosen date will be August 30 and the servers will be merged to end as follows:

  • 1 pvp server (Killian + Icaruna): KILLIAN
  • 1 ON PVE server (Fraya + Veritas + Arcadia + Zenobia): MYSTEL
  • 1 DE PVE Server (Kaidun + Hasmina) : YURIAN
  • 1 FR PVE server (Akasha + Elinu): SEREN

Players should also note that on the new servers there will be a 16 character limit. So all those who have more characters should start thinking about which ones they keep. Another possible problem will be the repeated names, so in some cases you will have to rename your heroes.

Finally, they have confirmed that there is no need to fear for money and auction items since everything will be transferred automatically to the new server.

You have all the details in the official announcement of TERA EU.


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