The game is set to open for eighty years after the start of the game.

The games will be a bonus.

The developers of the action RPG Gotham Knights talked to IGN about the costumes of the protagonists. Gotham Knights has four main characters; each of them will receive 11 costumes in total of 44.

  • In the Gotham Knights costumes influence both the appearance and character’s personality. But it’s possible to transmogrify the costumes by changing their appearance and leaving them unchanged.
  • The player can’t combine costumes. That will ensure the stylistic unity of the heros appearance.

Character costumes

  • Costumes are incorporated in all, however, in their entirety.
  • Artists from the United States, Japan, Germany, Korea and France participated in the work on these costumes. But the project itself always invented the principal idea.

Costumes can be modified with different designs.

  • One of these styles was created by Jim Lee, who worked on Batman comics.
  • There are some things in the costumes that can be customed: hood, color scheme, boots and symbol. The color scheme is predetermined, so the player can’t pick their own colours.

Gotham Knights will be released on October 25, 2022 on PC and next-gen consoles.

It’s interesting.

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