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The card game Faeria today abandons the free model and becomes Buy2play

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announced already ago some time today finally Faeria abandons its old business model free-to-play to transform into a gaming experience buy2play. The basic pack of cards with access to the game will be priced at €19.99. Players who enjoyed Faeria while it was free will see their deck complete with access to all core cards.

You have all the details in the official note:

Independent studio Abrakam today relaunched its digital collectible card game Faeria with a new model. “Buy2Play” premium”. Previously released as a free-to-play title in 2017, Faeria will now be priced at $24.99/£18.99/€19.99 for new players, ensuring fast and fair access to all the original cards from the classic edition of the game. Existing players will also be able to complete their collection of Classic Edition cards at no additional cost.

The studio will also release the Fall of Everlife downloadable content that expands the game’s deck, simultaneously with the launch of the Buy2Play model. Players can expect a new 40-card downloadable content every two months to keep the game fully alive.

Offering an intense single and multiplayer experience, Faeria is a unique card game arranged on a living board. It has enjoyed considerable success over the past year, garnering critical acclaim and recording over a million downloads. Players have racked up hundreds of thousands of hours using Faeria’s F2P mode, but now Abrakam thinks the time is right to create a more even playing field for the game’s growing audience.

“We have discovered that it is almost impossible to have a fair competitive game with the free-to-play model of Faeria and also that people are tired of the F2P model, and we think it’s time we try to monetize digital card games in a different way,” said Abrakam Creative Director Jean-Michel Vilain.

“The new Buy2Play version of Faeria gives access to all cards, which are unlocked in less than 100 hours of play. This ensures competitive play is balanced, as nobody can buy to win. We’re also adding collectible lore pages, showcasing the game’s excellent design accompanied by evocative text. And most importantly, we’ll be updating Faeria on a regular basis with new cards and features. Buy once, play forever!”

As part of this update, players who have enjoyed Faeria in its original form F2P will receive access to all remaining cards from the classic set, without any cost. New pages of lore will also be added to the game, offering a greater insight into the world and characters of Faeria. These beautiful collectible goodies can be unlocked by completing certain single player campaign missions, or found inside Mythic Chests that can be earned by playing solo or purchased through in-game purchases. Also debuting in this update is a new format for tournaments with a deck “ban” system.

The 40 card expansion Fall of Everlife arrives on July 18 to complement the game’s switch to Buy2Play, with new challenges and opportunities for newcomers and veterans alike. After that, the studio will release another 40-card pack every two months, as well as rolling out new features on a monthly basis.

Newcomers can also take advantage of a limited-time discount on the Faeria Classic Edition for $22.99 (10% savings) through August 21. A special bundle, which includes the Classic Edition along with Fall of Everlife DLC and a premium pack of additional cards, is also available for $39.75, saving 25% off its total value of $52.97. .


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