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The Culling 2 shuts down as the team works to improve The Culling and make it free

The Culling 2 released last week. But it hasn’t taken the Xaviant Games team long to realize that it has been quite a complete and utter disaster. Only 2 days after the launch this new battle royale did not have enough people nor to fill a game.

The culling 2 left aside everything that made The Culling special and for a time quite popular and abandoned it in favor of creating a totally generic battle royale without any grace That is why they have decided close The Culling 2 and offer full refunds to all Steam and console players.

Today in a video that you can see below, the Xaviant Games team recognizes its mistakes and rethinks the future of the company. Now the plan is go back to the roots. One of the things that killed The Culling was the direction of the updates that the game took. Now they want to get a version of The culling as it was the first day. With the combat, the perks, the airdrops and everything that he had on day one and working to develop and evolve the game from that point on he was the most loved by the fans.

And since it is difficult to evolve a game without people, they have decided that when will this patch come out new for The culling the game will be gratuitous and free-to-play so everyone can try and play it.


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