Your name in Disney Dreamlight Valley didn’t save for your character and the game is calling him Playername? We’d like one more. Disney Dreamlight Valley is now in the early stages. Due to the fact that it’s only the first day of the release, some bugs and glitches are usually coming. If you can’t register your player name with Disney Dreamlight Valley because it says it’s forbidden, or that game only calls you Playername and doesn’t save your name, we might have a solution.

Why is your name in Disney Dreamlight Valley unconstitutional?

The name of the player in Disney Dreamlight Valley and his title and languages are offensive.

Disney Dreamlight Valley early access is now live. The fans are eagerly seeking to create their characters and start to explore the Dreamlight Valley. Sadly, they haven’t seen some issues from the start. The common matter of this is that the game refuses to call players by the character name they choose. Rather, Merlin continues to make players “player names”.

The solution seems quite simple, as a clear problem. These players report that restarting the game and creating new characters is a fix to the Dreamlight Valley Player Name issue. Of course, just be sure to enter your character name this time around. Unfortunately, he needs to start from the beginning but hopefully he’s not on his feet.

If it comes to the forbidden name or to offensive language mistakes, it may be a bit complicated. At the time of writing, we still know if this is a bug or not. Maybe Disney isn’t really too cautious with names. A minor is a target of the game. There’s no doubt Disney wants strict rules in regard to characters. The only thing that we can give you is to check why your name was under the flag, of course that you know it is not forbidden, because the official support does not help you! If we want to discover more about this issue, we want to update the article.