Konami kicked off the anticipation for Season 2. With the theme of eFootball 2023, the football festival will take place as a backdrop for the FIFA World Cup. The full-bodied patch 2.2.0 and 40 national that can be used in Test match and on purpose created a new ad hoc, namely the International Cup Experience.

The International Cup Experience is an offline mode in which players take part in the tournament by playing national teams and teams against AI teams, and first in group stage and then in knockout phase.

In Dream Teams, along with new activities and challenges, special rules are introduced to the players in your team. As for the new project, we can also find limited time events that feature a limited time event.

In addition, in these weeks, players are going to defend their homeland by playing online matches. The nation that wins the most points receives a bonus of a billion eFootball Coins which can be divided among all of its players.

A quick summary of all the new seasons of eFootball 2023.

Another important factor is the Match Passor, the classic season pass with free and premium reward paths as well as many more items on grab.

At this address, you can read the official notes in Italian and the eFootball 223 patch 2.2.0 which include changes to passing, dribbling maneuverability, player positioning and improved ability to make up and down shots.